Corporate Design.

Corporate design comprises the visual appearance of a company in all of its facets. It’s a major part of corporate identity and is used internally and externally in the design of all communication media, as the appearance of a company’s brand and all it stands for is also the way it is perceived. The planning, development, design and implementation of corporate design measures – from sensitive continued development of an existing logo through to complete redevelopment – is our strong point. What can we do for you?
Examples of our work:
Lufthansa Technik: Entwicklung und Implementierung des Design Manuals
Herbert-Feuchte-Stiftungsverbund: Modernisierung des Erscheinungsbildes 
IDAIR: Entwicklung eines neuen Corporate Designs 
Bubeck Yacht- und Aircraft Service: Namensberatung, Komplettentwicklung des Corporate Designs 
Cabin Systems Holding: Komplette Neugestaltung des Corporate Designs