Diakonie Hamburg

Number of facilities
Diakonie is by far the largest charitable organisation in Hamburg, combining the common interests of the many social welfare foundations in the Hanseatic City. It also performs relief work itself in a variety of areas. These include women's shelters, debt counselling, street-based social work, emergency telephone help lines and much more. Diakonie is an advocate and lobbyist for people in need and an important socio-political initiator. One long-standing project was the development and implementation of a marketing concept for APDD, Diakonie’s out-patient nursing services. This also included media planning and budget management. One effective instrument for this customer was “urbanes,” a customer magazine which we designed and produced. It appeared in 1999 for the first time, with content geared towards issues of age, care and interaction between generations. It developed so successfully that Art Works! continued to operate it autonomously between 2003 and 2015. For Diakonie Hamburg, we developed the Under the Sign of Quality campaign, which emphasises to the people of Hamburg the importance of high-quality care. Among the clientele of Art Works! are other foundations such as the Martha Foundation, the Evangelical Bethesda Foundation and the Evangelical Foundation Bodelschwingh from the Diakonie’s membership group, all of whom we serve in many ways.